Customer Loyalty - a factor for success

To enable consumers to use customer loyalty programs, promotions, gift certificates, or coupons across all sales channels offered by a respective retailer, Superdata developed PromoServer.

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Mobile App - Superdata offers a mobile merchandise management system.

DEWAS is designed as a closed loop, modular merchandise management system for use in a wide range of retail business structures. With over 7000 installations in more than 80 retail enterprises, DEWAS is one of the leading and most widespread merchandise management systems in Germany.

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Mobile Reporting – Superdata offers a mobile solution for store management.

Mobile Reporting is available for the systems DEWAS, MSS and sigma//MC and offers store management reports and figures. Management takes advantage of a simple and direct access to decision-relevant information at any time and in any place.

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Superdata EDV-Vertrieb GmbH expands marketing department with new employee.

Since July 2016 Katrin Walter supports the team of Superdata as Senior Marketing Manager.

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Volker Dieckmann is the new Director of Sales and Marketing at Superdata EDV-Vertrieb GmbH.

Superdata announces the appointment of Volker Dieckmann as new Director of Sales and Marketing on March 2016.

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GERRY WEBER INTERNATIONAL AG has entered cooperation with Superdata for using the Analysis Tool "CRA-Cash Register Auditing".

This tool is derived from the standard Superdata application "Loss Prevention". The tool analyses POS receipt mass data using statistical methods. Retail companies ranging from only 3 stores up to enterprises operating more than 2000 POS systems in over 600 stores use this tool. For the fashion and life–style corporation GERRY WEBER INTERNATIONAL AG specific requirements have been identified and realised.

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Superdata, the strong partner for optimising store operations

cashPlus is the open building block concept for stores. The touch-screen POS system supports all relevant cashier functions.

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Getränkewelt GmbH in Chemnitz : Roll-out of new POS hardware with the Superdata Merchandise Management System.

GETRÄNKEWELT is the name of the beverage branch belonging to the Pfeifer group with over 60 stores in Saxonia, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. In future Getränkewelt will equip its stores with the solution cashPlus with DEWAS III and install MSS (Multiple Store System) in the DC. The solutions will be connected to the existing ERP wholesale system.

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Filter out fraudulent actions

Analysis of cash receipts is a way to store receipt data from multiple cash registers over periods of several months for loss prevention tasks. Prerequisite is the „ electronic journal“ or the availability of receipt data via a special interface.

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