Whether kiosks, supermarkets or department stores, DIY stores or special retail businesses drs//POS is the POS-solution that offers exactly the functions required for your segment.

drs//POS helps to master the challenges in retail and to meet the success factors stability, integration, internationality and above all improvement of customer service.

Benefits are:

  • easy integration into your existing systems
  • Support for the existing and future POS hardware
  • Vast functionality and rapid implementation of new features in reaction to market changes.
  • International orientation (multi-lingual, fiscal certification)
  • Large installation base

drs//POS is technologically ahead and handles the entire palette of possible configurations from traditional cash registers with touch screen (Windows/Linux) to iPad or Tablet POS with Windows or Android. The system is based on current technical standards like SQL databases(ODCB) and TCP/IP.

drs//POS works totally integrated and transparent as POS software with DEWAS and sigma/Store by Superdata. It covers all standard requirements for a modern POS system in the retail business.

  • high reliability and data security (redundant data storage)
  • scalable to low and high data volumes
  • capable of offline operation
  • all cashing functions for checkout (sales, voids, returns, tender types, authorisation ...)
  • all administrative functions (pay-ins, pay-outs, loans, cash on hand, ...)
  • support for a large variety of peripheral equipment

drs//POS's promotion engine handles all current discount methods, like product/volume discount, multipack, mix&match, total discount, discount per weekday, happy hour, coupons, etc.
Other ways of discount are e.g. fixed sales price, reduction in percent or value, give aways, gift certificates, points etc.

All maintenance functions as well as cashing up are done via a standard user interface in DEWAS or sigma/MC. These include maintaining users, cashier accounting, cash book (total cash on hand store), planning of discounts and promotions and configuration of touch screen layout and salutation text for the cash receipt.

Apart from drs//POS in the classical form with on a local hardware and a local database.