Mobile and flexible Merchandise Management software

The Mobile App for Superdata merchandise management provides all operational functions for flexible and independent use. It can be used on any mobile end devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as on MDE devices.

The Mobile App for the systems DEWAS and Sigma is fully integrated into the merchandise management solutions and contains all important operative functions such as ordering, price changes, incoming goods, stock-taking and labelling. The application can be used either at the counter, in the office or on the floor and end-devices can be chosen freely and combined as required: This offers retail the highest degree of mobility and flexibility.

Mobile Reporting can be used to retrieve all of the important reports and key figures for store management no matter where the user is located. Directors and management benefit from easy, direct access to decision-relevant information at any time and in any place.

Mobile Reporting is available for the systems DEWAS, MSS and sigma//MC and is fully integrated into the merchandise management system. It offers easy, immediate and unfiltered access to store management information. The reports are optimized for the needs of retail companies and are generated directly out of current data. Store management can be executed at the store, on the run or whilst travelling with a high degree of flexibility.

A large number of easy-to-use and significant pre-configured reports are included in the Mobile Reporting solution. Ad hoc reports show current turnover by division or cash register, customer frequency or incoming goods. Mid- and long-term reports and comparisons deliver figures like income, cost of sales or range of coverage.

Wherever useful, the reports offer a drill down from enterprise level information down to departments and product group, which can be selected by touch within the graph. The graphic preparation offers a quick overview of relevant figures.

Mobile App and Reporting support all common web browsers and the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows. Thus end-devices can be chosen freely and combined as required. Handling is intuitive with a visually attractive user interface. The responsive design adjusts automatically to the size of the device display used.