Customer Loyalty - a factor for success

Customer loyalty programs play a central role in the retail industry in order to secure the customer's favor with increasing competition. With the expansion of the sales and communications channels, the challenge of customer loyalty has changed greatly and calls for software solutions that can deliver the promised services to the customers in real-time across all channels. Many companies are confronted with existing software products and architectures, which have often been designed as single-channel solutions. The result is disappointed customers, higher costs in the acquisition of new customers as well as long project running times for the introduction of new services and customer loyalty concepts.

Would you like to wake up the interest of first-time customers and bind existing customers to your company in the long term? Then offer your customers exclusive advantages and a real added value: Our PromoServer supports you with the implementation of individual customer loyalty programs. Use a wide range of customer loyalty tools, such as customer cards, vouchers, coupons, promotions or discount campaigns on all channels - stationary, online or mobile.

Success Factor Customer loyalty: The PromoServer can map all types of loyalty program structures and mechanisms, offering opportunities for gift cards, vouchers, customer cards, coupons, promotions, discount promotions. Our solution enables multichannel promotions to be held stationary, online and mobile, and supports the processing, evaluation and planning. The software is configured according to customer requirements and can be linked to the merchandise management system. Via Web services, the PromoServer communicates in real-time with the PoS system, the Webshop or CRM system, so that a fast and correct processing takes place.

Increased customer service: The PromoServer combines all customer loyalty instruments in one system and makes them available through all sales channels. Customer service is growing as customers receive the same services and prices as stationary, online and mobile. This increases the loyalty of existing customers and new customers can be acquired more easily.

Identification of the customer: The customer can be identified by the individual customer card, the smartphone, a gift card, a voucher or a coupon. By scanning or entering the customer number all stored data are called up.

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